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new pool pump motor law

New Florida Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Pump Law

Efffective Date March 2012

Simply , Your existing Pool pump motor dies You will have 1 of 3 options:

Replace your old single speed motor with a 2 speed motor.

(A) you will have to replace your existing single speed timer with a new

2 speed timer.

(b) the 2 speed motor is still old technology internals & a metal casing/housing.

(c) life expectancy 3 - 5 year

2. Replace your old single speed motor with a variable speed motor.

(a) they are more expensive than the 2 speed motors , but you can use your

existing timer. which in some cases make them a less expensive option

depending on your circumstances.

(b) depending on the brand you choose, the AO Smith unit has a aluminum

housing which will increase the service life of the unit.

(C) life expectancy 5 plus years

(D) typical monthly energy savings $ 55.00 to $ 70.00 .

3. Replace your old single speed motor with a new variable speed or variable flo pump.

(A) these units are ultra quiet & very energy efficient.

(B) these units are also available with SVRS (safety vacuum release system)

which provides for the unit to shut down if there is a blockage or low water

level in the pool , so you can protect your swimmers from entrapment &

protect your pump from overheating from low pool water level.

(c) there is an avg upcharge for the SVRS upgrade of about $ 300.00

(d) these units come with on board electronic programming for up to

8 different run scheldules @ 8 different speeds per day.

(e) these units have to many features to list them all today , such as password

lockout to protect from anyone tampering with your presets.

(F) visit our useful web sites page & click on & follow the energy

savings links for more information & check out the energy savings calculator

to see what your savings will be.

(G) typical monthly energy savings $ 60.00 to $ 90.00

Or you can give us a call or e-mail us with your info & we can estimate your savings for you.

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